About Me

Stacy David Wallingford
Hey thanks for wandering on to my website. Lost Skeletons is my passion project / brain child / whatever you wanna call it. I'm just another one of those guys though. There are a lot of names for us. Some call us makers, designers, or just artists...but I prefer creator. As much as I love art and design, I have learned over the years that I just plain love to create. In 2019, when I got a job in the leather industry, I quickly found a new obsession that so easily mixed physical creation with art and design. 
When I was introduced to the Glowforge, I saw a new level of creation that I had never had before. I now answer a ton of messages on a regular basis about the Glowforge and lasers in general. I tell people all the time, if you get a Glowforge, you get to have a lot of "Oh shit" moments. As in, you'll constantly find yourself saying "Oh shit, I can make this." After over 2 years that still has never stopped for me. I love to design products and with the laser...cut files for products.
This is the point in the Glowforge pitch where people would say, "If you are looking to buy a Glowforge here is my discount code for $500 off (insert heart and star eyes emojis here)" or whatever. The amount of people in the Glowforge community touting their discount codes all the time is annoying af and it just pisses me off. So I don't do it.
If you are looking to buy one, cool. Ask me about it and I'll answer any questions you wanna know!
Over the last year I have learned one obvious thing. As I scroll through places like Instagram and Pinterest, I started to notice products made with my cut files. Seeing another makers online store selling products using my cut files is one of the most fulfilling feelings I think I've ever had. The idea that I get to have any kind of impact on someones ability to create themselves, and be fulfilled in their life as well, is an ultimate joy that I will always chase. If creating fulfills you, I hope I can in some way help you along that journey. You have a purpose, it intersects with your fulfillments and you're supposed to live it. 
Thanks again for checking out Lost Skeletons. I'll be over here getting lost in any form of creating I can find. If you need someone to get lost with, shoot me a message sometime. We'll talk about leather, lasers, and most likely creating. 
Lost On Purpose